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Tips for visits to the Hong Kong Fairs

As the fair season arrives in Hong Kong and China, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips with our fellow traders so as to make their experience more efficient and pleasant.

Here is your little guide to the fairs in Hong Kong.

What to DO :

  • Do take the Hong Kong Airport Express

  • Do get an Octopus Card

  • Do get some cash

  • Do bring your Business Cards

  • Do register to the trade fairs

What not to Do:

  • Do not waste money on an interpreter last minute

  • Do not stay in a hotel without convenient transportation

  • Don’t count on being able to get a taxi at the end of each day

  • Don't assume things

  • Do not use jokes to get your message across 

  • Do not focus only on getting the best price

  • Don’t let the opportunity to conduct invaluable market research pass you by. 

  • Do not forget to do your research before and after each fair you plan to attend.

Please review the full guide here

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