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Mexico reinforces its commercial connectivity between Asia and Latin- American market

Guadalajara provides a new sustainable and reinforced hub for transporting products from any country, without stopping at United Stance, this hub eases the transit between Latin-America and the Asian market.

The strategic location of Guadalajara ease transportation by sea and air to key countries whose location ease supply chain of Asian and Latin companies that want to provide their goods just in time.

WTC Confianza is the company in charge to scale this project by proving the following services:

  • Guarantees cold chain from the field to the airplane

  • The containers keep closed from origin to specialized perishable center

  • The protocols does not require fumigation

  • Ease transportation through sea and air services

WTC Confianza operates the 23% of total air cargo market share in Mexico, and controls more than 54,000 yearly cargo flights takeoff and landing operations.

More about the company:

WTC Confianza provides logistic services for shipping and handling foreign and domestic merchandise. Its solutions and services include VMI, warehousing, distribution, contract logistics, bounded, Mexican official norm, kitting, and fullfilment. The company serves electronics, health, automotive, consumer goods, food, and beverages sectors. WTC Confianza was formerly known as World Trade Center Guadalajara. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

To obtain more info about the benefits of this new commercial routes:

Phone: +52 33 3671 0000

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