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Thank you, Mauricio!

We invite our members and contacts to celebrate and thank Mauricio for his invaluable contributions to The Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. We will use this post as a whiteboard for your messages and thank you notes, which we will then forward directly to Mauricio. Thanks!


Thank you note to Mauricio:

"Special thanks go to Mr. Mauricio Lozano, 2018-2020 MexCham HK President, for his long-standing contribution. He was part of the Executive Committee for eight years and took exceptional leadership during the past two years." - Susana Muñoz, MexCham President


Mauricio's Message:

“After eight years of being heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of MexCham HK, I am glad that the time and work have paid off, and a new generation is ready to take the helm of the chamber. I believe the current environment represents an opportunity for the chamber to evolve and grow to an even higher international community level. I want to thank all the international chamber colleagues for the great events and relationships that have been built, the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong and Macau for all its support, and every single team member who has collaborated with MexCham HK over the years. It wouldn't have been possible without you.”

“I am an HK PR and will be staying in HK to focus on my growing international team of insurance agents and financial planners. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn, WhatApp +852 9547 4993, or email <>. As you know, I'm always willing to help.”


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