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Spain & Latin America's Role Along Belt and Road

China's Belt & Road initiative (BR) aims to re-establish transcontinental land and sea routes across Asia, Europe and Africa to invigorate commerce and investment. Some countries have started to include China in their plans for new infrastructure and Private Public Partnership Projects (PPP). The creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to provide the necessary finance for the undertaking of various projects reflects China’s commitment to establishing stronger global trade relations.

The 13th Five Year Plan is expected to provide provisions for encouraging economic growth and offer opportunities for industries from infrastructure and construction to retail services, amongst others. It is expected that investment will lead to the creation of new markets, offering opportunities for a wide range of industries.

The time is certainly ripe for Spain and Latin America to be counted within the overall goals set forth by BR. China is committed to going well beyond what constitutes traditional markets to identify new consumers seeking innovative products as well as investment for business projects.

  • Where does Mainland China and Hong Kong fit Spain and Latin America in the BR initiative?

  • What are the challenges and what is needed for Hong Kong to actively contribute to the “wider picture” Mainland China faces in an ever more globalized, competitive market environment, with Spain and Latin America in the equation for success?

  • What are Spain and Latin America doing in order to maintain their competitive edge as well as relevance when doing business with China?

  • Is Hong Kong fulfilling its role as a “super connector” when it comes to facilitating trade and investment flows between the Mainland, Spain and Latin America?

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